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Healtech SpeedoHealer V4 Harley-Davidson Street 500 / 750 (2015 2020)

Healtech SpeedoHealer V4 Harley-Davidson Street 500 / 750 (2015 2020)

Healtech SpeedoHealer V4 Harley-Davidson Street 500 / 750 (2015 2020)

Healtech SpeedoHealer V4: Harley-Davidson Street 500 / 750 (2015 - 2020). No matter what sprockets or tire size you use, the SpeedoHealer v4 will deliver precise readings to your meters.

Don't let uncalibrated readings ruin your fun and degrade your bike's resale value. Calibrate your bike's speedometer to get 100% accurate reading - even with the most radical sprocket swaps! Convert Km/h to MPH or vice versa on import vehicles or during your trip abroad. Recall your true top speed to your factory speedometer by the press of a button. On most motorcycles the factory speedometer error can be as high as 10%.

So even a modest gearing change can have the speedometer off by 15%. Changing the sprockets or tires will also result in higher odometer reading, decreasing the bike's resale value without valid reason. The SpeedoHealer is an affordable, convenient and very simple way to sort these speedo and odo issues.

Compatible with all motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs with non cable driven speedometer. Get your fix today - You won't find any better alternative on the market! The SpeedoHealer is the most popular and most reliable calibrator in the world - acknowledged by thousands of happy customers worldwide. Easy to use User Interface Easy to program, review and update the stored parameters.

Supreme compatibility Compatible with most motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs. Plug'n Go harness kits are available for most models. Compatible with all our products too. Compact dimensions 30% smaller and lighter unit compared to SHv3. The smallest and lightest full featured calibrator ever built.

Extended calibration range -99.9% to +9999.9% in steps of 0.1% Which means the signal can be adjusted from 1/1000 to x100, in increments of 0.001. This range is efficient even for the most radical gearing changes and suitable for all kind of custom applications as well.

Dual-bank memory Store two independent calibration values and switch between them by the press of a button. There is a clear, visual confirmation of the active bank and value in use.

Useful for road & track setting when changing gearing or running different sized wheels/tires. Wide operating voltage range Works from as low as 3V supply voltage up to 19V. Means even easier installation for all Yamaha bikes and some other models. Reduced power consumption and auto stand-by. Improved top speed Can be used to remove the top speed limiter of the speed restricted motorcycles and ATVs e.

Display unit conversion Change from Km/h to MPH and vice versa by the press of a button. High-speed CPU 32-bit processing ensures high accuracy and immediate response to the input signal with no lag. Detachable remote button The SpeedoHealer comes with a detachable remote button as standard for the Top Speed Recall feature. Interactive test mode Confirm installation before take off. Every unit is fully tested, guaranteed to work. All leads are protected against reverse voltage, short circuits and high energy transients.
Healtech SpeedoHealer V4 Harley-Davidson Street 500 / 750 (2015 2020)